Friday, September 02, 2005

Suggestion to relocating Katrina survivors

The long term problem after all the back biting and finger pointing is done and the survivors are attended to for medical and food needs is where are all these people going to go? How will they get their lives back? How are they going to go on?

I suggest the Dpeartment of Defense re-open all of the closed bases we have around the country. These bases have facilties for housing, schools, medical clinics and other infrastructures needed for communities. We then give every individual $25,000 a piece and a housing unit at a base. I mean everyone $25,000. For example the young lady who was a single mother with six kids I saw on TV last night would have a new apartment unit on a base and $150,000 to get her life restarted.

All of these bases are near communities already. Those business people who lost their stores and shops can restart their entrepreneur ways in their new communities with the $25,000 and the additional funds they get from their insurances.

Then the local and federal government can rebuild New Orleans over a period of years. When the city is rebuilt those who had been relocated can move back on their own dime if they wish or continue with their revived lives in their new homes.

This would give the survivors new hope and be a boost in the economy for the communities near the bases. It will also keep a lot of those opportunist from ciphering a lot of the $10,5 billion off for themselves.

If you think this is a good idea let's get the word out in blogosphere. I am sure there are a lot of logisitics that need to be considered but it is a good start.