Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 11, 2001

What began as a beautiful fall morning, like those we all pray for, quickly through hate, became the moment that changed America for ever.

A moment that is burned into the minds of all Americans regardless of their religion, their race, their political ideology, their gender, their age, their nation of origin or any other diverse characteristic we divide ourselves with. A moment that united all of us.

This morning struck us in varying ways and in many places.

It was also the day we began to fight back against those who had prayed for our demise for centuries.

New heroes were born and later hailed.

Old heroes were there as was always their promise.

Resolve became our cry and the long journey into a hell, we call terror, began.

On this fifth day of rememberance please be thankful to your fellow Americans. Take the time to thank our soldiers, the emergency response teams, our elected officials, our neighbors and your families. Because despite all we have seen over the last five years and all that has been said we are still here stronger then ever and united to the end.