Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New house is not like the old house

The Pirate family has been trying to sale our house for the last two months and no one seems to like it as much as we do. It has four bedrooms of which two are still possessed by teenagers.

There are two bathrooms that both are usually possessed by teenagers early every morning before school and mid-day on weekends and summer months.

There is a double car garage that has been doubling as a storage unit from the day we moved in.

There is a large in-ground pool in the back that is fully fenced in and will take any money you want to throw at it.

There is a nice large covered deck in the back where our lab calls home. It is great for coffee drinking, blogging, bar-be-quing and a shooting range for BBs where you can shoot cans off the fence. I'll throw in the lab, she actually retrieves the cans for some dumb reason.

I will also throw in the two cats, they do absolutely nothing. They won't retrieve anything and they look at the Pirate family as staff or domestics.
There is a large family room that is also my den, my office, my napping place and my football watching venue. A good many posts have been written there.

There are other anemities as well. Two fire places, one in the living room where the Pirate wife makes me take off my shoes if I want to enter. When she is at work I walk across the living room in my boots just to get back at her. The other fireplace is in the napping place.

There is a shed out back that at one time was my smoke shed. A lot of stewing and Marlboros have been consumed out there as well as cold beers. Now we store yard tools there, which is where all yard tools should be. Stored away.

Now we have our new house all built and awaiting our arrival.