Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pirate type letters to the Editor

In Oregon the legislature just passed a law allowing for gays to live without prejudice due to their lifestyle. Those who are gay will be protected from discrimination in their workplace and where they live because who they express their physical love to. The community will now be able to develop civil unions of some sort that allows them to enjoy many of the legal protections that straight couples are allowed.

I do not have a dog in this fight and have most often made the usual Pirate smart-ass remarks. I laughed and said more then once, "Let them play house". I personally do not care what two adults do in their privacy as long as they do not want me to watch and do not tell me about it. Unless its some hotty like Paris Hilton and Anglina Jolie.

But you can imagine the letters to the editor in the local paper. There is quit a stir over the topic. People claim that without such rights their love will be deminished and others have claim that giving such rights will lessen the status of their love for their spouses. None of this really makes sense to me because I have given the finger to those who judge me long ago.

A week ago a writer named Michael Hunt claimed he was a gay person and he was damn tired of riding in the back of the bus. He no longer wants to ride in the rear and eventually wants to drive the bus.

This letter was followed by a stream of folks not liking the bus driving metaphor at all. Most saying he'll stay in the rear and darn well better get use to it.

Then today a writer responded claiming he was a Christian and had little problem with the desire of people wanting their love for each other to be left to themselves, but he thinks the demand to not ride the rear end of the bus and wanting to be in the driver's seat is equal to "a gay agenda" thing and he will not stand by and let Mr. Hunt push it down his throat. The letter was signed by a Richard Morehead.

Now I have to think these two are friends that like to push the envelope and have been getting together over a couple of beers and having a howling laugh. You'd think there was more then one Pirate out there wouldn't you?