Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Three months in the slammer?

I wish it had been as easy. As you all know the pirate has had a rash of bad luck with diabetes and several loved ones passing away. Right after my last post my father's prostate cancer had came back and as of August 6, 2007 he is no longer with us.

In the very short time one of my best friends and the man that set me on my path of life has died and went to a better place.

A couple of days after my last post i was sitting in my dad's living room and he told me he was feeling awfully sick. He was so sick he took himself to the emergency room the night before. If you knew my dad that was all I needed to know that this man was hurting and sick.

My dad was the kind of guy that never complained about pain or discomfort. You would never know he had an arrow in his back until he turned around and walked away.

Shortly after that day he had an appointment with his doctor and it was determined from their tests that he had cancerous tumors throughout his organs and spine. As of this last Monday he no longer as to quietly have to suffer of his pain.

I will miss his calling me every Sunday and asking me how my "Famn Damily" was doing. He would always get the update on the family and then end the talk with a "Give em all a whuppin for me".

I will miss him calling me on my birthday no matter where I am on that day or where he is.

I will miss his tight wad Christmas gifts of a pair of socks and $5.

I will miss his keen sense of humor and his ever lasting love.

Shortly after I was notified of his plight to come, I was driving from a project when the song, "Night Moves" came on the radio. My dad was always a country western fan but loved that song because he thought it said "Nice Boobs". I have never since that day in early 1970s been able to hear anything n that song other then "Nice Boobs".

Now you know what I have been up to.

Love you dad.