Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where in the Hell has the Old Salt Been?

I would like to tell you I have been stuck away in a dank Mexican jail hunting fat rats for dinner or laying about on a rum soaked isle off the coast of Belize. But you all know how I feel about fiction.

When I was here last our family was preparing for our oldest son, Jock to participate at the State Championships in three track events and then to quickly run him through his graduation so we could get him out the door.

Well Jock did make it to the state championships in three out of four of his events, the 400m, and both relays. To make it to Heyward field, possibly the most infamous track field in America, was an end and beginning of Jock's travels. Unfortunately the week before the event he came down with poison oak from head to toe and was not able to practice for over the pevious week. He came to the starting lines exhausted and worn from being ill all week. Their 400m relay got a fifth and he finished ninth in the 400m. If healthy he stood a chance to win the 400m since the winner had a slower time then jock had had the week earlier. His mother and I couldn't have been more proud of him. Now its off to college this fall to run for Western Oregon University.

We were also lucky enough to get him graduated and fortunately for us his diploma was signed. We saw the signature and then had a handwriting analyist examione it with a copy of the principal's signature and they matched.

Slick has been busy as well. He finally passed his driving exam and is running about in a big green car with a lot of metal and no co-pilot. Yes, people. His mother and I wish you all well. So far there has been little dmage other then a parking pilon in a McDonalds parking lot and the basketball hoop in our drive way. But no one has been hurt.

He is currently the elder statesman from our family representing us at the high school and he is doing well. He has stepped up to show others he is quit capble of being in charge and will defend his little sister who is an incoming freshman this year.

Lil Sis has kept us busier then one would want to this summer. She played freshamn summer basketball this year and participated in two camps. She has dreams of the WNBA, in fact all 4'11" of her does. If only you could bottle the etermination she carries and the whole world would be full of "blue chippers". The state fair has been going on here in Salem and she has spent most of her money and time on rides. We live less then 200 yards from the fair and she has made it her annual trek every year. Out her bedroom window she can see the fair being assembled and then after Labor Day disassembled. She has since she was little, uhm littlier, gave us blow by blow updates on the fair. It actually looks rather beautiful out her window at night with all the mechanical movement and the glaring lights.

Blaze bought her first house this summer. I can't believe she actually followed her dad's advise and put her money to work for herself. Its a great little place and in a super neighborhood. She had broken up with the Pirate wannabe and struck out on her own. There was saddness there but we all have recouped.

Mrs. Pirate and myself have been very busy. we have dumped a lot of time, repair and money into our abode. New exterior paint, new fence, roof fixed, and the pool being painted. Along with the home repair we have been extremely busy with my business. I could have never guessed I would be so busy and so fortunate. I had a goal of a certain amount to measure if this would be a good way to spend the rest of my years. That goal was more then doubled by August 1st. Thank God.

Now to more important things. This Bush guy has me worried. You know at first i didn't say anything about him not being clairvoyant and not being able to head off 9/11. Okay. he's human. The iraqi thing? Who didn't think the nut job Saddam wasn't holding some major lead? I mean clinton certainly was afraid of the guy as were the Germans and the French. Then the New Orleans disaster. I mean Bush could have done something to thwart the wind. He has done fine with any newer terrism in the homeland. Why let a little blow job from Katrina make us so blue?

But now he has went and taken the cake. He lost a planet. That's right we don't have nine planets any more. How in the hell do you you that? You just know we would have two new planets, no hurricans, terrorists and certainly no Bradgalina.