Saturday, December 31, 2005

End of one and a beginning of another

I'm sitting here printing out my first solicitations to client hopefuls and playing with my printer. I plan to print and mail at least 100 of them today. My goal is to hit 2006 running hard enough to break a sweat and easy enough to enjoy the moment.

I have Van Morrison playing in the background with his optimistic celtic flair, even his songs about rain are positive. If you have been in the Willamette Valley this last two weeks you know how tough it is to be upbeat about rain.

Been driving my family nuts lately with my constant play of Merle Haggard. They'll go along with the Okie from Muskogie, but all the other barroom ballads don't seem to interest any of them. Lil Sis bought me a Merle Haggard CD for Christmas and I think I've worn a hole in it. Music is a mood thing with me as a I suspect it is for most. I enjoy too many types of music genres and too many different artist to be pigeon holed into one singer or genre. And lately I've been craving the barstool style of Merle.

Unlike Merle's music implies, I don't spend much of my time in watering holes and never was one who dwelled over a lost love. Don't get me wrong i have had my heart torn out and smashed into the ground a number of times, and deservinly so. I just don't take up too much of my life dwelling on them. I usually pick the damn heart up out of the dirt, brush it off, plug it back in and fake it or awhile.

A good friend sent me a short story she is working on asked me for my objective opinion. I see this request as an honor but I hope she can take what an objective Pirate might have to say. I wish all of you a great New Year and pray that many of us get the chance to meet each other this year and I look forward to reading all the posts. I also plan to spend more time on the keyboards typing for fun and with some luck publish something.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just a Quick Post

I wanted to let you all to know that I'm still alive and kicking. Had a great Christmas and enjoyed being with the brood. A lot of laughs, watched a lot of movies and ate a lot of food.

Today is my last day slaying dragons for Sir Von Asswipe and his lovely and gracious wife, Peach. Since Peach has to have one of her hooves repaired they decided to close a day earlier. The master will be taking Can-O-Corn and myself to a swanky upscale place for lunch today. I hope he plans on picking up the tab.

I have already picked a job project ofr the first two weeks of 2006. I am getting this feeling that this new venture may turn out to be just what the doctor ordered. I have already set up my schedule starting next Tuesday. Drop the Mrs. Pirate off at work at 6:30, drop Lil Sis off at school around 7:00. Go for a morning walk or run, coffee and blog, work on whatever I am writing for an hour or two and then work on whatever projects I have going for my business. My blood pressure is already dropping.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Give a little bit and make your life shine

Anyone that has dealt with depression, the blues, the blahs, the "I can't take much more of this" feelings. May already know this, if you don't I hope it helps you.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter found in the brain and blood stream of mammals. It is responsible for the "Man, do I feel good!" job in all of us. When you are lacking this neurotransmitter you usually experience the blues at some degree. How it effects you or how you regulate the the levels of serotonin in individuals has not been discovered yet, but the medical industry has found ways to elevate the levels of serotonin in individuals, thus medications like Zoloft and similar neurotransmitter stimulants.

As someone that at one time several years ago was prescribed Zoloft I know of what I speak. At the time I was taking Zoloft I was going through some real tough times, working full time, running two outside businesses, my family was rather young at the time and there were issues inside of me that I had never faced and had always conveniently put aside. With a understanding wife and some close friends I was encouraged to go see a doctor and that doctor opened my eyes to what was happening to me. Once I began taking the prescription my life did change and I did begin my journey back to happiness. I can only describe Zoloft as something that changed my life from "black and white" to "color".

I have been off the prescription for many years and have discovered something else that works as well for me. No its not pot, or another drug, its kindness. There have been studies that have shown that when someone experiences an act of kindness toward them their level of serotonin rises. Yes, that's right you can increase the level of serotonin or happiness in someone else simply by showing any form of kindness toward them. Holding a door for a busy person as they leave a building, smile at a stranger, pay for someone's cup of coffee, millions of things we can do for each other.

The other interesting part of the kindness study was the person who does the act of kindness has their levels of serotonin rise as well. Whenever you give of yourself without any expectations of a return that act of kindness gives your level of serotonin a boost.

The other thing that is so cool about this kindness study is someone who views this act of kindness without any participation themselves experiences the rise in their serotonin too.

So if you are feeling down this Christmas or anytime of the year set your sights on raising your serotonin and the levels of those around you. Bringing the "Man, do I feel good" feeling to others is an excellent choice for all of us.

And that's all I have to say on that. As soon as the Christmas season is over right back to the "bad ass" Pirate stuff and I will only be taking a few prisoners this time.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Tagged by Chloe

Chloe, my friend who is a freelance writer living in Greece with her young son has tagged me on this little, lets-find-out-more-about-you, survey. I think these surveys are funa dn give you an opportunity to post without turning on the artisic muse or bullshitting your way through a post.

I thank all of you for your comments about my family in the last post.

What was I doing 10 years ago?: I was working as a bureacrat for the state of Oregon harrassing hard working people and stealing their money to give it over to the government so they could allocatted the money to where it would give those in charge the best opportunity to be re-elected. It was a dead end job meant only for those who didn't mind being subjected to a mind-numb existance.

I also was an owner/operator of my own mobile lube company where I maitained the service schedules for two large utility companies and severtal small companies. I also was involved with my two brothers in a real estate owning and working your ass off venture. The kids were much younger and required more maitenance then they do today so I'd say my wife and I were running ragged.

What was I doing 5 years ago?: The drugs the government gave me to help maintain my subserviant manner was starting to wear off. I had moments of clearity and a vision of one day breaking out of "Processville" and becoming an independent thinker.

What was I doing last year?: Making Sir Von Asswipe and his lovely and gracious wife, Peach a butt load of money. But I must be honest they were paying better then anyone had ever paid me before.

What was I doing yesterday?: Finishing the final touches of the Christmas shop-lifting (just kidding). And enjoying the cold wet and snowy weather of the Willamette Valley.

5 yummy things I like:

1. pepperoni & olives pizza (cold or hot it just doesn't matter)
2. cheese cake
3. potatoes (see Dan you do put an E in there when it is plural)
4. Georgia Mudfudge blizzard at DQ and sex.
5. French roast coffee. (thick, hot with lots of sugar and cream)

5 things I know by heart:

1. Bank account number
2. social security number
3. driver's license number
4. I am loved by family, friends and God
5. The lyrics to Rhimestone Cowboy and Running Bare

5 Things I do if I had lots of money:

1. eliminate all my families money problems
2. set up a trust fund to supply money for college and future business ventures for anyone related to my wife or myself for generations. (i.e. put the words "inheritance" and "retirement" into our family's lineage)
3. Travel the world
4. Own a bookstore
5. Have a home in many different places around the world.

5 places I'd escape to:

1. Belize
2. Scotland
3. Ireland
4. Nova Scotia
5. Greece

5 Favorite TV shows

1. My Name is Earl
2. The Office
3. West Wing
4. Family Guy
5. Medium

5 Things I would never wear:

1. chasity belt
2. Dress
3. Dallas Cowboy shirt
4. A halo
5. Swaztika

5 Things I enjoy doing:

1. making love
2. laughing and being with people
3. intellectually discussing deep matters with those who agree and disagree.
4. reading and writing
5. quiet time for myself, alone to reflect and mellow out

I want to tag. Dale, Kristi, Cheryl, Jen (bbgirl), Margaret, Blither, Opie and Hoss.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Hey Axe Murderers! Over here!

My youngest daughter is always saying my blogging is only going to bring some axe murderer after us. I say bring 'em on.

The players are Blaze my oldest daughter, Lil Sis the youngest daughter (blonde), Slick the smallest son, Jock the oldest son and Pirate Wannabe, Blaze's sweetie.

Later when I looked at this picture I realized how God gave me kids far better then myself. I had asked them to give me the finger (as in the bird) and that is why they are pointing at me. I can assure you none of these people will ever make it as a Pirate, they better keep their civilian jobs.

These were taken at Wannabe and Blazes crib. She just got done stuffing us with her lasagna. This is where it hit me I needed seven kids.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I do plan to actually post something today

Been busy working at home today. Haven't showered yet and I took a nap. Boy am I ever ambitious. The kids knew I was home today so naturally three telephone calls from the three kids that still live at home. They needed me to run an errand for them. I also discovered that the two dogs fart more then I do. The schnauzer's don't stink as bad as the labs but his breath does, must be the kitty rocha.

Went to Blazes for dinner the other night. She and her beau invited all of us over for lasagna and salad. Had a great time taking pictures of the crew and will post them on the blog this week.

Had a great idea while we ate. I have been fortunate to have four kids. If I can convince them to all stay in the Salem area when they leave home and have families I would have a place to hangout and have dinner, watch TV, and fart at four different places a week. Man what an idiot I didn't have seven kids. Now I have to figure out what to do with the other three days.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Numbers are Shrinking Around here

I can't figure out if I didn't get the word that we were all suppose to be out by such and such day or if I am the only one still working here. Can-O-Corn and his wife went on vacation this week to Flagstaff, Arizona. Not a great time to leave for vacation when they are rolling up the business but they had it planned long before the bombshell of unemployment was laid in front of us. They are one of the millions in America that own timeshares so their allotted time and condo had already been put into play. So it was use it or lose it.

Everyone else seems to be missing. Oh, except the tyrannical, sawed-off, Sir Von Asswipe and his lovely and gracious wife, Peach. They keep rolling in here at odd hours of the day. Lurking the halls, slamming and locking doors behind them as they go from room to room. They stay in the king's office the most but on occasion they bring their foot stomping, screeching banter down to Peach's office, which is next to mine, so I can hear them argue over the most innane stuff.

Here's an example of their arguing.

Peach: What time do you want the help to arrive at the dinner party Saturday night?

Asswipe: 5 or 5:30 it doesn't matter.

Peach: (In her most patronizing manner and with her highest decible screech) 5 o'clock or 5:30? What is it?

Asswipe: It doesn't matter.

Peach: It does matter damn it. Now what time 5 or 5:30?

Asswipe: You pick the time.

Peach: Okay. If you aren't going to step up and nail it down, I will. I say 5 o'clock. You have any problem with that?

Asswipe: No, that's fine.

Peach: That's fine?

Asswipe: I mean okay.

Peach What is it? Fine? Or okay?

Asswipe: Dammit just do it yourself! (stomps down to his office and slams the door)

Peach: (On the phone with the help) This is Queen Peach. We will need you at the house between 5 and 5:30 Saturday. (She stomps down the hall to Asswipe's office and slams the door behind her).

Note to self. Talk to the people across the hall and ask them what they have against me. Once again this year they dropped off a large bucket of assorted popcorn flavors, already popped and in assorted bags. Thre bucket isn't in our office three minutes before Peach has laid claim on what bags are her's and what bags go to other people. Then she marches around the office shoving the assorted flavors down her face.

When she has a mouthful she always seems to find her way into my office and plops her butt in a chair and proceeds to show me how she can devour popping corn. Yuck!

Its not as bad as the red rope but damn put a cover on that trap I say. She likes to eat with her mouth open so it gives the appearance of a front loading tumble dryer slopping food around. And the sound of the pop corn in her tumble dryer sounds like she is tearing a sty-ra-foam cooler apart with her teeth. OH My God. 12 more days of work.....

Monday, December 12, 2005

Helping somebody

I stayed home and worked today. Avoided the office. I have a hard time watching a corpse going bad on the bone. Last Friday I was the only one that bothered to come in. No co-workers, Sir Von Asswipe or his lovely and gracious wife, Peach until late in the day.

I spent the whole day blogging and reading a book. there was the occasional call for the master or his queen. Nothing that couldn't wait. Then about 3:30 Peach arrived. I had my headphones on, busy reading some of the HNT posts (yes, I read the posts). I felt the office floor shake and I thought we were having another earthquake when the queen suddenly appeared at the door of my office. "So there is someone in the office today", she stated. "We've been up at the house preparing for a dinner we are putting on for the less fortunate, or needy from our church."

I must admit I've know these people for some time and have never heard a church mentioned by either of them. In fact, I've been on the road with Sir Von Asswipe on many occasions where on Sunday I went to church and have always invited him. He has always pooh-poohed it by saying he doesn't know anyone there. I'd always tell him I only knew one guy and he is always there. His puzzled look always told me he had no idea who I was talking about.

"Asswipe has decided in the next phase of his life he will reach out to those who are less fortunate then we have been". Peach informed me. "It is 'busy" work getting ready for those type of people. The caterers and the people we hired to set up the receiving area didn't even get to our house until a little after noon."

"What did you do all day until they came", I asked?

"We prepared for their arrival", she told me reassuring she was busy.

"I wanted to tell you that Asswipe and I are very happy the way you responded to the news of the firm closing. You are the only one that took it without being upset." she told me as she popped a handful of red rope in her mouth. As she tried to kill the wad of red gob in her mouth she continued. "We thought it was best to lay off everyone during the holiday season because it allowed them to get out and network for their next jobs."

I was hypnotized watching her shove another handful of red rope in her mouth and wasn't sure if I heard her right, "You thought it would be easier to find work during the holidays?"

"Yep, yum, um smack, You know you can get out to holiday parties and rub elbows with people that might be looking for favors and people to do projects." she informed me as she scratched her sweatpants covered butt with one hand and her other hand digging out another handful of red licorice. "Smack, slurb um ,yum."

"Can I ask you something?" I asked her. "I'm curious."

"Sure, yum, smack... What is it?" she looked me in the eye as a trail of a red stream worked itself down through a roll of her cheek to her awaiting triple chin.

"Do you think the needy people at your Christmas Gala" interrupted..

"Holiday Gala" she corrected me.

"Okay, holiday gala," corrected and trying to hang on to the point. "Do you think any of these people at your festivities tonight will hit you two up for a job?".

"Gawd! I hope not!!", she sighed and pushed another handful into her mulching machine.

You know I'm grateful for the escape.

Christmas/holiday ideas. If you are out this next couple of weeks shopping, eating and meeting with people and happen to notice a soldier in uniform stop and thank them and pick up the tab. The ideal is to pay for them at the counter without the seeing you and ask the person taking the money to not mention it to anyone or to mention who you were. If you know a family who has sacrificed with a member of their family in harms way let them you know you have them in your thoughts. Its worth it to them.

I'm sure many of you have heard this song and it has become one of my favorites of late. I love the message and the feeling the video gives me. I was raised a lot like the way this song implies.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I love a Parade

The Mrs. Pirate and myself made it to the annual light parade in Salem tonight. Unlike the parades in the past it wasn't raining or snowing. It was cold as hell but beautiful. We had asked the kids if they wanted to go tonight but being teenagers why would they want to something normal people do.

I asked Mrs. Pirate if this is what it is like getting older. Still doing the things we thought the kids liked when they were little, without them. She laughed and thought I had a point.

I found myself volunteering the whole afternoon at a middle school for a basketball tournament and we didn't have any kids involved with any of the teams. In fact, I didn't see any kid or parent I knew. I just took a book I am reading, "The Shadow of the Wind", by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and minded my own busines and made sure no half- crazy parent beat the shit out of a referee. No incidents to report, just one heck of great book.

I sit at the laptop pounding out a post and rethinking something else I'm writing as Mrs. Pirate watches Christmas movies that we use to watch with the kids. The kids are all spending the night with someone else except for Jock. He is always in his room with a buddy or two "gaming", coming up for air and food every hour on the hour.

My blogger buddy Margaret Stargazer made a post on her blog about "neighborhood light wars" (my words) and it got me to thinking about the whole Chrsitmas decorating routine. Our neighborhood is bascally many families of similar wealth (or lack of it) kids all roughly the same age, but there are those who go completely out of their heads when it comes to the required voltage that is needed to express their reason for the season. I think it is kind of funny and in some ways neat. One neighbor has a ten foot "Snow globe" with Frosty and a few of his frozen buds standing in snow smiling out at the neighborhood. To top off the effect there is snow blowing around the inside of the globe. Gawdy but cool.

The Pirate lair went with replicas of the old type of bulbs. No fake icicles or anything special. We decided we wanted to look like the family in "A Christmas Story" so we went with the basics minus the leg lamp.

Thanks to all for the kind words of encouragement regarding my last post. I am strong and know God is in my corner but it always feels more assuring when others throw in their moral, spiritual and down right loving support.

Tonight I was standing watching the parade go by. Locally made floats, old muscle cars and motor bikes all decorated with lights, high school marching bands, local businesses being advertised, and a few local politicians march by and over heard a young man complaining to his mother about having to do this. Being the nosey Pirate that I am, I turned around and asked him if he'd like a better view? Then told him to always remember he can one day torture his own kids with this parade. And for a bonus always remember a parade is the only form of entertainment that I know of that is free. Little is asked of you but some of your time and an applaud or two.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Life is Fair

This goes out to some of my blogger friends who have been dealing with some trials. Maragret, Hoss, Candi, Addict and Audrey life is fair because it sucks for all of us, one way or another. Like the song says, "no one gets out alive".

The name of this song by Van Morrison is, "The Healing Game". I write a lot of words down with this guy singing into my soul. He has sang me through many hours at the keyboard. I type, he sings. Together we find a feeling within me to express. I have always thought of his songs as a shot of whisky on a ice cube or two. Smooth, cool, with an edge and a burn. I thought this video in black and white put this song in the right mood. I love the age in his face and voice. If I am not wrong on this I think he is trying to be a Pirate in this one. What do you think Hoss?

I thank all of you for your prayers. I can assure they will be part of my strength and definately a big part of my success to come. I don't want any of you to get the idea that I am in anyway worried about the new hand dealt me, because I anticipated the cards and have made my pot right to handle it. I just need to make sure I don't get too eager and play my hand to early or push in the wrong amount of chips at the wrong time.

God has led many unsolicited inquiries to me, not five minutes after getting the news last week. I have been called and requested for several projects to start early next year without any of them knowing of my present employment situation. Only God knew at the time that I was needing help, I withheld it from my family, my friends, personal and bloggers. I kept my cards close to my vest,showed no expression, kept a stiff upper lip and a crooked smile on my face. As it sits right now I should be able to hit the ground running pretty hard the first week of January.

With much luck, I should be able to come and meet many of you. My profession takes me to many places and who knows, I might be like the Monkies, coming to your town.

So crank up your volume and let Van and the sax relax you....


P.S. No, I do not have a 24 year old wife, but I am taking applications.

Busy body in search of an idle time

I apologize for not being the blogger I know I can be but I have been extremely busy of late and having a difficult time posting the stories I would prefer and stopping by my linked blogs for the daily comments.

I have been very busy of late and need a day or two of idleness. As some of you know I work at a firm that has many open ventures and I am also a coordinator of a basketball league with over 2,000 athletes and coach a team of 8th grade girls myself. Along with that I have the duties of a family with three teenage kids and the need of my love by a 24 year old woman, Blaze. The last two weeks these obligations have consumed most of the time a 45 year old man has to offer.

To top off the daily grind I was informed this last week that my firm will be closing its doors December 31, leaving me on the unemployment line. Though I have been preparing to leave the firm at the first of the year but I was planning on my own terms of separation. So I have been diligently trying to put together a company of my own, during this hectic time of the year.

I have been meeting with at least one contact per day and doing my job to bring the work in progress to a conclusion in order to suffice the needs of my current clients. I look forward to this challenge but it has consumed all the extra hours I have between the cracks of my other obligations.

Please take the time to pray for me to have the energy and the good luck that is needed at this time and bear with me.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tagged by Cheryl

Cheryl, has tagged me and wants to know a little more about me. So here goes:

Seven things I look for in the opposite sex:
1. Intelligence
2. Passion for life
3. Humor and wit
4. Fine features
5. Positive outlook
6. Healthy
7. Loves sex (a lot)

Seven things I want to do before I die:
1. See all four of my kids in product adult lives.
2. Publish a novel
3. Develop a nest egg from writing
4. Learn to truly surrender my worries to God
5. Learn to truly forgive
6. Develop a better relationship with my parents and siblings
7. Return to country living

Seven things I can not do:
1. Tolerate mean spirited people and their actions
2. Tolerate ignorance on one’s sleeve.
3. The Fonzie-sign, flip the bird, give high five, pick my nose or butt, and scratch my junk with both hands.
4. Use a hand operated can opener.
5. Suppress my personality or opinion.
6. Be overtly serious
7. Live without sex

Seven things I say most often:
1. “That’s what you get for doing your own thinking”
2. “Steers try, bulls do”
3. “That’s why I wasn’t hired to just sit there and look pretty”
4. “You know it, I know it the American people know it”
5. “Where’d you get your license? From your mom?”
6. “He couldn’t find his ass both hands in a small room with a map and a flashlight”
7. “Man he was a waste of sperm”

Seven books I love:
1. The Zen Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pursig.
2. Travels with Charlie, John Steinbeck
3. Testament and A Time to Kill (tie), John Grisham
4. The Stand and Hearts of Atlantis (tie), Stephen King
5. Sailor on Horseback
6. Sea Wolf, Jack London
7. The Legend of Bagger Vance

Seven movies I love:
1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. The Right Stuff
3. Citizen Kane
4. Shane
5. Dr. Strangelove
6. Annie Hall and Radio Days (tie)
7. The Cowboys

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My pleasure

This afternoon I had the distinct pleasure to meet "Old Horsetail Snake", Ol Hoss, Gene Maudlin for a few drinks and chit chat. We wanted to chase the ladies but were too broke and too lazy to run the race so we settled for "Alibi chicken". He first sent me an invite over the Thanksgiving weekend to meet and see if we could down a few cold drinks and devour one of his favorite meals. We met, we ate and I think, we made a new friendship.

He was a soft spoken gentleman, who recently was widowed the week before Thanksgiving. Beside a couple daughters and a son he is left with the blogger society. A group we both agreed was meant for both of us. The only flaw in the ointment was his wearing a Northern Illinois' sweatshirt when the green and yellow of the Oregon Ducks is hanging on every coat hanger in Salem.

He told me a little of his prior adventures as a reporter for the now defunct Capital Journal and of his wordsmithing for a couple of Oregon's political legends. Though the lunch meeting only lasted a little over an hour I felt I had met a man I had yearned to meet for most of my adult life. Struggling with his recent lose and his health, his smile and sparkingly nice eyes, told me a lot of him.

No sweet lil sister he is not an axe murderer. He is a man I was destine to meet and enjoy. If he was a couple years younger I am confdent I'd be writing this post from Marion County's finest cells. Arrested for bringing life and a coat of red to the city.

To Gene "Ol Hoss" it was my pleasure for sure.

Mrs., Mrs. Jones you made me love the "Story Teller"

When I was in the third grade our teacher, Mrs. Jones, would have all of us pre-Ridlin kids sit at our desks after lunch and remain quiet as she would read us stories. Stories of girls that avoided baths long enough, that potatoes would eventually grow in her ears. Stories of Pirates and Buccaneers that raveged small port towns and wayward ships. Stories of a half wolf, half dog named, Buck, who headed for the Yukon gold rush leaving the confines of San Fransisco behind. Stories of a young boy floating the Mississppi with a runaway slave named,Jim. Stories upon stories she would read.

I really don't know if it was the stories she read to us every day after lunch recess or her beauty that intrigued me of the story tellers. She was younger then most teachers in our country school. She was a tall thin woman with long straight silky black hair, full lips, gentle chin, green eyes and her calm demeanor. She was from a valley town outside of our world, she had refined features that were atypical of the folks from our town. She had married one of the local boys and found her gentle personality living among people quite her opposite, teaching children who were naturally reared to replace their parent's positions in a logging community. Children whose parent's were ignorant of culture, opposed to abstract thought, and skeptical of anything that wasn't of their rural lives.

Mrs. Jones was my first crush. I loved listening to her read the stories from around the world, the stories of whimsical adventures, stories that opened a world outside of ours. I would sit admiringly, watching her gracefully move through the classroom, working with each student on topics of math, English, history, and whatever else was the ciriculum of a third grader in the 1960s. I also fell in love with reading and writing because of Mrs. Jones. I became enamered with the story teller because of her.

Mrs. Jones became the standard I measured female beauty, the art of story telling and my love for most things in my life. She was my first measuring stick if you will. I have always preferred the person who could introduce me to others through their ability to tell a story and to paint the world with their words.

Since those days in the third grade I have discovered many story tellers and many forms of telling stories. I have devoured John Steinbeck's discriptions of the struggling lower class Americans during the mid-1900s, Stephen King's talent to describe the human condition through macabre events, and the peculiar people and human feelings Jim Croce sang about in his songs. I have experienced many other story tellers I have added to my personal list but for some silly reason I always remember Mrs. Jones when I hear a Jim Croce song.

I have no idea where Mrs. Jones is these days or if she is even still alive but I know where to find Jim Croce.

I hope you enjoy this song.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Read dale's blog and forget my crap for the day

Dale Hanks from Aurora Colorado took on the painstaking effort to interview me the other night and I would encourage you to click the link "Dale" on my list and read. But keep in mind he got me drunk first and I am not responsible for what your mom might say in the morning.