Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Letter to Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson we love you when you play the sober, less-then- wordy characters of wisdom on television and in the movies. We love your down home folksy drawl and your homespun wisdom on a variety of issues. We love your Southern pace to politics and the way you view the world and in particular this country. But something is missing.
When you first floated the idea that you were considering a run at the presidency conservative's hearts began to race, their hopes were peaked, and the fear of the Republican Party moving further to the left then most conservatives were comfortable with began to ebb. We all knew we had a contender in the conservative corner. We had a chance to keep the White House in the hands of the Republican Party and best of all in the hands of a conservative who could right the ship.
The liberals were worried as well. Shortly after your announcement on Fox News the stories of your sexual preferences began to show up all over the internet. Liberals fearing you began to use manipulated photos of you in dresses and other compromising situations. Then the liberal's research improved and they realized you were now married. The stories went from the closet gay Republican slant to a man that ran off from his wife of many years with a new "trophy wife".
Once the spin on your "closet trophy wife" seemed not to deter those on the right from booking advance tickets for your inauguration ball, claims that you were a lazy country bumpkin of a legislature and you had made sure your sons of your first marriage had made lots of money from your connections began to make the rounds. These stories still did not deter those of us that were now looking into motel rooms in Minneapolis, so we could attend the convention. The claims that you were an effective lobbyist made us feel even surer you would be the conservative we are seeking.
Maybe the build up gave us too much hope? Maybe we were expecting a lot more then you even intended to provide? Maybe we thought your picture on your blog was prettier then you turned out to be? I am not sure what it was but something has to be rewritten in the script or this blockbuster is going to be tossed into the ash heap alongside Ishtar and Heaven's Gate.
Since I am only a conservative voter and not a "Political Strategist", you can take these suggestions and do with them what ever you would like.
When asked why you want to be President. It is not enough to refer to your children's future and vaguely say that you think there are things that need to be done, and in order to do them you need to be the President. You need to be less ambiguous and with fervor, you need to hit on several salient bullet points why you should be the President.
For example:
I will assure the American people that our military will stay strong, readily prepared, well equipped and competently administered.
As President I will remain vigilant in the mission of preventing the Islamic fascists and any nation that subsidies their weapon of hate from inflicting any more harm on our nation abroad and on our soil.
I will tighten up the borders, the shipping yards and any other ports of entry to assure that those who come into our nation are welcomed and not here to create problems.
I will keep the economy strong and the revenues coming in by sustaining the soon to sunset tax cuts of President Bush's and implementing additional tax cuts to sustain growth and encourage capital investment.
I will correct the upcoming issues that will bankrupt the Social Security system in the next decade and hold the feet of the opposition to that correction, to the fire. This is a third wire that needs corrected or it will not be there in the next couple of decades. And as a nation we will have broken a promise.
I will pursue means to assure that health care is accessible to all Americans through with as little government intervention as possible, protecting those who "truly" require a safety net and keeping excessive government spending to a minimum.
Any salient bullet points of this nature would work and it will allow those who want you to be president to comfortably rattle them off in their sleep.
Some additional things you may want to think about. When you have others go onto shows to carry out your message, utilize those who can articulate your message and can inspire those who are listening. There are many spokespeople in this country that can do a better job then Mary Matalin in conveying your message. She is an excellent surveyor of the political horizon but her zeal is lacking. Recently, in an interview with Laura Ingraham, Mary struggled with conveying even one idea of why you should be President. Even with guidance from Laura, Mary could not clearly articulate one bullet point. The reasons have to be down pat and readily conveyed by your spokesperson. Or the interest of looking toward you as a leader will wane.
And not to belittle this point, because I say this in all honesty, leave the kids with a sitter when you are doing interviews. At least until we get to know you and your wife better. The interview with Sean Hannity with your lovely little daughter on your lap made people feel uncomfortable. It is obvious you are a strong man that has a gentle side and possess bundles of love for your family, but we are looking for a President that is focused and can keep this country on the right road. When your child is sitting on your lap when we first meet you it is akin to having a job interview with someone and their cell phone keeps ringing. No matter how much we like you our attention begins to wander.
As we get to know you better and we are comfortable with your message, the photo ops with kids will endear the country toward you. But let us get to know you better first.
In this trying time with so many dangers ahead for our country we need a leader that has the ability to be a true bi-partisan. Not a bi-partisan in the mold of being over compromising but one that can clearly explain to the opposition where we need to go and the nation will line up behind you. Reagan was a master at this. He was able to take his position to the people and explain why something had to be pursued. Even if the opposition persists the people will be comfortable with your direction. You have also proven that you can be above this partisanship with your early experiences in Washington during the Watergate hearings. You were able to overlook the shared party with the standing President and ask tough questions that eventually made it impossible for a corrupt President to continue. So use that aspect of your character and make it clear you want to be America's President and not a Republican President.
Good luck.